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Thank you to the citizens of Senate District 38 for placing your trust in me to represent you in Raleigh. I am grateful to you and all of our supporters for making this possible.

Our committees will allow us to take our voices from the classroom and courtroom to the halls of the North Carolina General Assembly.

We have a lot of information that we will be sharing with the district and community at large.

Please remain engaged in the process and I look forward to making you proud.

Thank you,

Sen. Mujtaba A. Mohammed

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Republicans are bringing Trump Tactics to our state assembly.

We want to build stronger communities, respect the will of the voters, and the decisions of duly elected sheriffs across this great state.

We cannot negotiate our way out this issue or into their hearts but we can beat them at the ballot box! I need you to chip in what you can to make sure we defeat this reckless majority.

We need your help, chip in today.

Link: bit.ly/DefeatTheRecklessMajority
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I am proud to stand in the gap for those who cannot stand, speak, and advocate for themselves.

The party of small government and local autonomy wants to deputize our local law enforcement as ICE agents, and taxpayers foot the bill.

#ncpol #ncga #ncgov
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As the son of immigrants, public interest attorney, and state senator, I am compelled to set the record straight and speak up for the thousands of people that are afraid to speak and thousands of children constantly traumatized by the talk of ICE in our communities. #ncpol #ncgov #ncgaHB370 is up for debate on the Senate floor. Sen. Mohammed, the son of immigrant parents, public interest attorney and state senator opposes this legislation. ... See MoreSee Less

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This budget provides direct grant funding to Scotland County Schools to build an Air Rifle Range... #ncpol #ncga #ncgov

You cannot scroll past more than 2 pages of this budget without a piece of pork popping up. #ncpol #ncga

The budget is live! #ncpol #ncga #ncga

After contamination found in groundwater, DEQ orders full investigation of Chatham County coal ash site | https://t.co/Uj5jTosnX8 #ncga #ncpol #coalash

Voting rights groups approve of new (but old) Wake districts, disapprove of process | The Progressive Pulse https://t.co/jdYsgmI1gY #ncga #ncpol #ncgov #votingrights #WakeCounty

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